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1st January 1793 (235 Years)

Francesco Lazzaro Guardi died

Italian Painter

17th January 1933 (95 Years)

Louis Comfort Tiffany died

America artist and designer

17th January 1863 (165 Years)

Émile Jean Horace Vernet died

French painter and photographer

6th February 1918 (110 Years)

Gustav Klimt died

Austrian painter

7th April 1938 (90 years)

Suzanne Valadon died

French painter

8th April 1973 (55 years)

Pablo Picasso died

Spanish painter, sculptor and lithographer

19th April 1768 (260 years)

Canaletto died

Italian painter

21st April 1868 (155 years)

Alfred Henry Maurer is born

American modernist painter

22nd May 1938 (90 years)

William James Glackens died

American painter

14th June 1653 (375 years)

Artemisia Gentileschi died

Italian painter

15th June 1938 (90 years)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner died

German painter and sculptor

10th July 1923 (105 Years)

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida died

Spanish painter

11st July 1593 (435 years)

Giuseppe Arcimboldo died

Italian painter

21st July 1948 (80 years)

Arshile Gorky died

American naturalized Armenian painter

2nd August 1788 (240 years)

Thomas Gainsborough died

English painter

31st August 1528 (500 years)

Matthias Grünewald died
German painter

5th September 1838 (190 years)

Charles Percier died

French architect

2nd October 1453 (575 years)

Hieronymus Bosch is born

flemish painter

5th October 1713 (315 years)

Denis Diderot is born

french philosopher and writer

7th October 1673 (355 years)

Rosalba Carriera, Italian painter, is born

8th October 1803 (225 years)

Vittorio Alfieri died

Italian playwright

10th October 1813 (215 years)

Giuseppe Verdi is born

Italian composer

10th October 1963 (65 years)

Edith Piaf died

French singer-songwriter

13th October 1713 (315 years)

Allan Ramsay is born

British painter

15th October 1923 (105 Years)

Italo Calvino was born

Italian writer

16th October 1793 (235 years)

Maria Antonietta d’Asburgo-Lorena died

Queen consort of France

17th October 1928 (100 years)

Frank Dicksee died

British painter and illustrator

21st October 1833 (195 years)

Alfred Nobel is born

Swedish chemist, entrepreneur and philanthropist

24th October (90 years)

Ernst Barlach died

German sculptor and writer

31st October 1993 (35 years)

Federico Fellini died

italiano director

31st October 1913 (115 years)

Burt Lancaster is born

American actor, director, film producer and circus performer

31st October 1918 (105 years)

Egon Schiele died

Austrian painter and grabber

5th November 1913 (115 years)

Vivien Leigh is born

british actress

6th November 1893 (135 years)

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky died

Russian composer

10th November 1483 (545 years)

Martin Lutero is born

german theologian

11st November 1863 (165 years)

Paul Signac is born

French painter

13th November 1973 (55 Years)

Elsa Schiaparelli died

Italian stylist

13th November 1903 (125 years)

Camille Pissarro died

french painter

21st November 1898 (130 years)

René Magritte is born

belgian painter

22nd November 1963 (65 years)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy died

American politician and 35th President of the United States

27th November 1853 (175 Years)

Frank Dicksee is born

English Victorian painter and illustrator

2nd December 1923 (105 years)

Maria Callas was born

American-born Greek operatic soprano

10th December 1928 (100 years)

Charles Rennie Mackintosh died

Scottish architect, designer and painter