SCALA does not offer only image files, it also can provide an unparalleled collection of official and exclusive audio and video content. 

Exclusive audio and digital content is in increasingly high demand for inclusion in products of all kinds, from augmented and virtual reality to video games, from e-learning to documentaries and cinema. SCALA has provided innumerable audio and footage clips and continues to actively increase the availability of such content. At present audio and video are available online in limited numbers but if you contact us and we will be able to provide content for your review and selection.

SCALA can license audio and video clips from many collections, below are just a few among them:

Centre des Monuments Nationaux: Aerial footage of interior and exterior of hundreds of locations and sites + ready made mini documentaries;
Whitney Museum of American Art: videos (some even in sign language) of curators explaining works of art, movements, walking the viewer through exhibits, performances, lectures, and behind the scenes restoration or installation work;
Museum of Modern Art, New York, Film Collection: archival films, discover more;

Museum of Modern Art di New York and Whitney Museum of American Art: Official audio guides to specific works of art in various languages. Audioguides with interviews – with artists, curators, and other scholars.

Do you need more information? This content is available online limited to a few samples, so please contact us.

Main image at top of page: the George Eastman and Thomas Alva Edison 1928 with a motion picture camera