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10th January 1941 (55 years)

Coco Chanel dies

French designer

10th January 1941 (85 years)

Sir John Lavery dies

Irish portrait and landscape painter

14th January 1841 (185 Years)

Berthe Morisot is born

French painter

29th January 1936 (90 Years)

Patrick Caulfield is born

English painter and printmaker

1st February 1901 (125 Years)

Clark Gable was born

American actor

4th February 1881 (145 years)

Fernand Léger, French painter was born

8th February 1591 (435 Years)

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri,

Italian Baroque painter, best known as Guercino, was born.

23rd February 1821 (205 Years)

John Keats died

English poet

25th February 1841 (185 Years)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born

French Impressionist painter

4th March 1916 (110 Years)

Franz Marc dies

German painter

12th March 1921 (105 Years)

Gianni Agnelli was born

Italian businessman and politician

23rd March 2011 (15 Years)

Elizabeth Taylor dies

British-American actress

28th March 1941 (85 Years)

Adeline Virginia Woolf died

English modernist writer

29th March 1891 (135 Years)

Georges Seurat dies

French Post-Impressionist painter and draftsman

6th April 1971 (55 Years)

Igor Stravinsky (Igor’ Fëdorovič Stravinskij) died

Russian-born composer and conductor

9th April 1821 (205 Years)

Charles Pierre Baudelaire born

French poet, writer, literary critic, art critic, journalist, philosopher, aphorist, essayist and translator

5th May 1821 (205 Years)

Napoleon Bonaparte died

French politician and general

14th June 1926 (100 Years)

Mary Cassatt dies

American painter and printmaker

24th June 1916 (110 Years)

Thomas Eakins dies

American realist painter, photographer, sculptor, and fine arts educator

5th July 1946 (80 years)

The first modern bikini two-piece swimsuit was born

6th July 1916 (110 Years)

Odilon Redon dies

French printmaker and painter

26th July 1971 (55 Years)

Diane Arbus died

American photographer of Russian origin

7th August 1616 (410 Years)

Vincenzo Scamozzi dies

Italian architect

9th August 1516 (510 Years)

Hieronymus Bosch died
Dutch painter

16th August 1916 (110 Years)

Umberto Boccioni died

Italian Futurist artist and sculptor

26th August 1666 (360 Years)

Frans Hals died

Dutch painter

30th August 1821 (205 Years)

Anita Garibaldi was born

Brazilian revolutionary and wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi,

9th September 1901 (125 Years)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec died

French painter

14th September 1321 (705 Years)

Dante Alighieri died

Italian poet, writer and politician

27th September 1871 (155 Years)

Grazia Deledda born

Italian writer winner of the 1926 Nobel Prize for Literature

28th September 1871 (155 Years)

Pietro Badoglio born

Italian general and politician

2nd October 1821 (205 Years)

Nino Bixio born

Italian general and politician

11th November 1821 (205 Years)

Fëdor Michajlovič Dostoevskij born

Russian writer and philosopher

1st December 1521 (505 Years)

Pope Leo X dies

2nd December 1891 (135 Years)

Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix born

German painter and printmaker

5th December 1926 (100 Years)

Claude Monet dies

French painter and one of the founders of the Impressionism movement

12th December 1821 (205 Years)

Gustave Flaubert,

French novelist, was born

13th December 1466 (560 Years)

Donatello died

Italian sculptor, painter and architect

13th December 1716 (310 Years)

Charles de La Fosse dies

French painter