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What is Design? The answer is a tad complicated as there are varying interpretations of what constitutes design and how to go about studying its history. There are two major camps: those believing the study of design includes artifacts and arcs all the way back to prehistoric times, and those identifying the beginning of design with the Industrial Revolution and the start of mass produced objects. Within Scala’s database images will be identified as being part of Design if they date from or after the Industrial Revolution. The nineteenth century saw the birth of institutes for the study and creation of design. Some have achieved fame and are known or still in existence today, such as the Norwegian Academy o Craft and Art Industry in 1818, the United Kingdom Government School of Design, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the United States in 1837, and of course the German art and design school called Bauhaus which was founded in 1919.

Thousands of objects which have been perhaps thoughtlessly used for decades by people in all parts of the world have now become iconic examples of design and have won their place in collections of some of the most prestigious museums worldwide. Each year the MoMA New York used to hold an exhibit on Good Design showcasing many objects of the most diverse nature, as can be seen in the video below.

Take a look at some among the more than 10,000 design objects from the fantastic collections of MoMA – New York, the Cooper-Hewitt museum – New York, the Victoria & Albert – London to name just a few.

Household & Industrial Objects
Light Fixtures
Furniture & Interior Design

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