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Results for: 2027

2nd January 1557 (470 Years)

Jacopo Carucci dies

Italian Painter

6th January 1822 (205 Years)

Heinrich Schliemann was born
German businessman and archaeologist

14th January 1867 (160 Years)

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres dies

French Neoclassical painter

15th January 1622 (205 Years)

Molière is born, pseudonym of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin

French playwright and theatrical actor

22nd January 1922 (105 Years)

Pope Benedict XV dies

23rd January 1947 (80 Years)

Pierre Bonnard died

French painter

12th March 1922 (105 Years)

Jack Kerouac is born

American writer, poet and painter

18th March 1937 (90 Years)

Charles Haslewood Shannon dies

English painter


18th March 1842 (185 Years)

Stéphane Mallarmé is born

French poet, writer and playwright

15th April 1452 (575 years)

Leonardo Da Vinci is born

Italian inventor, artist and scientist

19th April 1932 (95 years)

Fernando Botero Angulo celebrates 90 years

Colombian painter, sculptor and draftsman

25th April 1472 (555 Years)

Leon Battista Alberti dies

Italian architect, writer, mathematician, humanist, cryptographer, linguist, philosopher, musician and archaeologist

6th May 1992 (35 Years)

Marlene Dietrich dies

German naturalized American actress and singer

30th May 1672 (355 Years)

Tsar Peter I the Great is born

Emperor of Russia May 30, 1672

8th July 1822 (205 Years)

Percy Bysshe Shelley dies

British poet

13th July 1954 (70 years)

Frida Kahlo dies

Mexican painter famous for her self-portraits

14th July 1862 (165 Years)

Gustav Klimt is born

Austrian painter

2nd August 1667 (360 Years)

Francesco Borromini dies

Italian architect

4th August 1932 (95 Years)

Alfred Henry Maurer dies

American modernist painter

8th August 1902 (125 Years)

Jacques Joseph Tissot dies

French painter and engraver

12th August 1827 (200 Years)

William Blake dies

English poet, painter, and printmaker

31st August 1997 (30 Years)

Diana Spencer dies

Princess of Wales

27th September 1917 (110 Years)

Edgar Degas dies

French painter and sculptor

13th October 1922 (205 Years)

Antonio Canova dies

Italian sculptor and painter

31st October 2012 (15 Years)

Gae Aulenti dies

Italian designer & architect

8th November 1817 (210 Years)

Andrea Appiani dies

Italian painter

17th November 1917 (110 Years)

Auguste Rodin dies

French sculptor and painter

18th November 1922 (105 Years)

Marcel Proust dies

French novelist

28th November 1992 (35 Years)

Sir Sidney Robert Nolan dies

Australian painter

29th November 1842 (185 Years)

William Blake Richmond dies

English portrait painter, sculptor and designer of stained glass and mosaic

22nd December 1867 (160 Years)

Theodore Rousseau dies

French painter