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10th January 1941 (50 Years)

Coco Chanel dies

French designer

10th January 1941 (80 Years)

Sir John Lavery dies

Irish portrait and landscape painter

14th January 1841 (180 Years)

Berthe Morisot is born

French painter

29th January 1936 (85 Years)

Patrick Caulfield is born

English painter and printmaker

1st February 1901 (120 Years)

Clark Gable was born

American actor

8th February 1591 (430 Years)

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, Italian Baroque painter, best known as Guercino, was born.

23rd February 1821 (200 Years)

John Keats died

English poet

25th February 1841 (180 Years)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was born

French Impressionist painter

4th March 1916 (105 Years)

Franz Marc dies

German painter

12th March 1921 (100 Years)

Gianni Agnelli was born

Italian businessman and politician

23rd March 2011 (10 Years)

Elizabeth Taylor dies

British-American actress

28th March 1941 (80 Years)

Adeline Virginia Woolf died

English modernist writer

29th March 1891 (130 Years)

Georges Seurat dies

French Post-Impressionist painter and draftsman

6th April 1971 (50 Years)

Igor Stravinsky (Igor’ Fëdorovič Stravinskij) died

Russian-born composer and conductor

9th April 1821 (200 Years)

Charles Pierre Baudelaire born

French poet, writer, literary critic, art critic, journalist, philosopher, aphorist, essayist and translator

5th May 1821 (200 Years)

Napoleon Bonaparte died

French politician and general

14th June 1926 (95 Years)

Mary Cassatt dies

American painter and printmaker

24th June 1916 (105 Years)

Thomas Eakins dies

American realist painter, photographer, sculptor, and fine arts educator

5th July 1946 (75 Years)

The first modern bikini two-piece swimsuit was born

6th July 1916 (105 Years)

Odilon Redon dies

French printmaker and painter

26th July 1971 (50 Years)

Diane Arbus died

American photographer of Russian origin

7th August 1616 (405 Years)

Vincenzo Scamozzi dies

Italian architect

9th August 1516 (505 Years)

Hieronymus Bosch died
Dutch painter

16th August 1916 (105 Years)

Umberto Boccioni died

Italian Futurist artist and sculptor

26th August 1666 (355 Years)

Frans Hals died

Dutch painter

30th August 1821 (200 Years)

Anita Garibaldi was born

Brazilian revolutionary and wife of Giuseppe Garibaldi,

9th September 1901 (120 Years)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec died

French painter

14th September 1321 (700 Years)

Dante Alighieri died

Italian poet, writer and politician

27th September 1871 (150 Years)

Grazia Deledda born

Italian writer winner of the 1926 Nobel Prize for Literature

28th September 1871 (150 Years)

Pietro Badoglio born

Italian general and politician

2nd October 1821 (200 Years)

Nino Bixio born

Italian general and politician

11th November 1821 (200 Years)

Fëdor Michajlovič Dostoevskij born

Russian writer and philosopher

1st December 1521 (500 Years)

Pope Leo X dies

2nd December 1891 (130 Years)

Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix born

German painter and printmaker

5th December 1926 (95 Years)

Claude Monet dies

French painter and one of the founders of the Impressionism movement

12th December 1821 (200 Years)

Gustave Flaubert born

French novelist

13th December 1466 (555 Years)

Donatello died

Italian sculptor, painter and architect

13th December 1716 (305 Years)

Charles de La Fosse dies

French painter

2nd January 1557 (465 Years)

Jacopo Carucci dies

Italian Painter

6th January 1822 (200 Years)

Heinrich Schliemann was born
German businessman and archaeologist

15th January 1622 (200 Years)

Molière is born, pseudonym of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin

French playwright and theatrical actor

14th January 1867 (155 Years)

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres dies

French Neoclassical painter

22th January 1922 (100 Years)

Pope Benedict XV dies

23rd January 1947 (75 Years)

Pierre Bonnard died

French painter

12th March 1922 (100 Years)

Jack Kerouac is born

American writer, poet and painter

18th March 1937 (85 Years)

Charles Haslewood Shannon dies

English painter


18 March 1842 (180 Years)

Stéphane Mallarmé is born

French poet, writer and playwright

15th April 1452 (570 years)

Leonardo Da Vinci is born

Italian inventor, artist and scientist

19th April 1932 (90 years)

Fernando Botero Angulo celebrates 90 years

Colombian painter, sculptor and draftsman

25th April 1472 (550 Years)

Leon Battista Alberti dies

Italian architect, writer, mathematician, humanist, cryptographer, linguist, philosopher, musician and archaeologist

6th May 1992 (30 Years)

Marlene Dietrich dies

German naturalized American actress and singer

30th May 1672 (350 Years)

Tsar Peter I the Great is born

Emperor of Russia May 30, 1672 (350 years)

8th July 1822 (200 Years)

Percy Bysshe Shelley dies

British poet

13rd july 1954 (70 years)

Frida Kahlo dies

Mexican painter famous for her self-portraits

14th July 1862 (160 Years)

Gustav Klimt is born

Austrian painter

2 August 1667 (355 Years)

Francesco Borromini dies

Italian architect

4th August 1932 (90 Years)

Alfred Henry Maurer dies

American modernist painter

8th August 1902 (120 Years)

Jacques Joseph Tissot dies

French painter and engraver

12th August 1827 (195 Years)

William Blake dies

English poet, painter, and printmaker

31st August 1997 (25 Years)

Diana Spencer dies

Princess of Wales

27th September 1917 (105 Years)

Edgar Degas dies

French painter and sculptor

13th October 1922 (200 Years)

Antonio Canova dies

Italian sculptor and painter

31st October 2012 (10 Years)

Gae Aulenti dies

Italian designer & architect

8th November 1817 (205 Years)

Andrea Appiani dies

Italian painter

17 Novembre 1917 (105 ans)

Mort de Auguste Rodin

Sculpteur et peintre français

17th November 1917 (105 Years)

Auguste Rodin dies

French sculptor and painter

18 Novembre 1922 (100 ans)

Mort de Marcel Proust

écrivain français

18th November 1922 (100 Years)

Marcel Proust dies

French novelist

28 Novembre 1992 (30 ans)

Mort de Sir Sidney Robert Nolan

Peintre australien

28th November 1992 (30 Years)

Sir Sidney Robert Nolan dies

Australian painter

29th November 1842 (180 Years)

William Blake Richmond dies

English portrait painter, sculptor and designer of stained glass and mosaic

29 de noviembre de 1842 (180 años)

Muerte de William Blake Richmond

Retratista, escultor y diseñador inglés de vidrieras y mosaicos

22nd December 1867 (155 Years)

Theodore Rousseau dies

French painter

22 de diciembre de 1867 (155 años)

Muerte de Theodore Rousseau

Pintor francés

1st January 1793 (230 Years)

Francesco Lazzaro Guardi died

Italian Painter

17th January 1933 (90 Years)

Louis Comfort Tiffany died

America artist and designer

17th January 1863 (160 Years)

Émile Jean Horace Vernet died

French painter and photographer

6th February 1918 (105 Years)

Gustav Klimt died

Austrian painter

7th April 1938 (85 Years)

Suzanne Valadon dies

French painter

8th April 1973 (50 Years)

Pablo Picasso died

Spanish painter, sculptor and lithographer

19th April 1768 (255 Years)

Canaletto dies

Italian painter

21st April 1868 (155 Years)

Alfred Henry Maurer is born

American modernist painter

22nd May 1938 (85 Years)

William James Glackens dies

American painter

14th June 1653 (370 Years)

Artemisia Gentileschi dies

Italian painter

15th June 1938 (85 Years)

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner dies

German expressionist painter and printmaker

11th July 1593 (430 Years)

Giuseppe Arcimboldo dies

Italian painter

21st July 1948 (75 Years)

Arshile Gorky dies

Armenian-American painter

2nd August 1788 (235 Years)

Thomas Gainsborough dies

English portrait and landscape painter

10th July 1923 (100 Years)

Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida died

Spanish painter

5th September 1838 (185 Years)

Charles Percier dies

French architect

13th October 1713 (310 Years)

Allan Ramsay is born

Scottish portrait-painter

15th October 1923 (100 Years)

Italo Calvino was born

Italian writer

17th October 1928 (95 Years)

Frank Dicksee dies

English Victorian painter and illustrator

24th October 1938 (85 Years)

Ernst Barlach dies

German expressionist sculptor and writer

31st October 1918 (105 Years)

Egon Schiele dies

Austrian painter

11th November 1863 (160 Years)

Paul Signac is born

French painter

13rd November 1973 (50 Years)

Elsa Schiaparelli died

Italian stylist

27th November 1853 (170 Years)

Frank Dicksee is born

English Victorian painter and illustrator

10th December 1928 (95 Years)

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Scottish architect, designer, and painter

1st january 1793 (231 years)

Francesco Lazzaro Guardi dies

Italian painter

1st january 1959 (65 years)

The Communist revolutionary Fidel Castro led the Cubans to victory over Fulgencia Batista

1st january 1864 (160 years)

Alfred Stieglitz is born

Photographer and promoter of modern art

3rd january 1919 (105 years)

Frank Duveneck is born

American portraitist

7th anuary 1989 (35 years)

Emperor Hirohito dies

124th Emperor of Japan

19th january 1839 (185 years)

Paul Cezanne is born

French Post-Impressionist painter

19th january 1889 (135 years)

Sophie Taeuber-Arp is born

Swiss artist and painter

23rd january 1989 (35 years)

Salvador Dalì dies

Spanish surrealist painter

23rd january 1889 (135 years)

Alexandre Cabanel dies

French painter

26th january 1824 (200 years)

Théodore Géricault dies

French painter

26th january 1714 (310 years)

Jean-Baptiste Pigalle dies

French sculptor

23rd january 1944 (80 years)

Edvard Munch dies

Norwegian painter

28th january 1929 (95 years)

Claes Oldenburg is born

American Pop Artist

1st february 1944 (80 years)

Piet Mondrian dies

Dutch pioneer of abstract art

18th february 1564 (460 years)

Michelangelo Buonarroti dies

Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet

25th february 1914 (110 years)

Sir John Tenniel dies

British illustrator and political cartoonist, best known for his work for Punch and Alice in Wonderland

28th february 1929 (95 years)

Frank Gehry is born

Canadian-born American architect and designer

3rd march 1914 (110 years)

Asger Jorn is born

Danish painter and founding member of the avant-garde movement COBRA

13rd march 1864 (160 years)

Alexej von Jawlensky is born

Russian expressionist painter active in Germany

24th march 1834 (190 years)

William Morris is born

British artist and writer

31st march1889 (135 years)

Official opening of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a world icon

1st april 1919 (105 years)

Walter Gropius founded the Staatliche Bauhaus in Weimar

6th april 1959 (65 years)

Frank Lloyd Wright dies


7th april 1614 (410 years)

El Greco dies

Greek painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance

10th april 1894 (130 years)

Ben Nicholson is born

English pianter

22nd april 1929 (95 years)

Henry Lerolle dies

French painter

24th april 1904 (120 years)

Willem de Kooning is born

American Abstract Expressionist

2nd may 1519 (505 years)

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci dies

Universal genius Leonardo is considered one of the most ingenious and prolific minds of the Renaissance

10th may 1849 (175 years)

Katsushika Hokusai dies

Japanese painter

16th may 1949 (75 years)

William Nicholson dies

British Pianter

21st may 1844 (180 yeras)

Henri Rousseau is born

French painter

31st may 1549 (475 years)

Tintoretto dies

Italian painter

10th june 1819 (205 years)

Gustave Courbet dies

French painter who led the Realism movement in 19th-century French painting

5th july 1969 (55 years)

Walter Gropius dies

German architect and founder of the Bauhaus School

14th july 1939 (85 years)

Alphonse Mucha dies

Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist

25th july 1969 (55 years)

Otto Dix dies

German painter and printmaker

11st august 1614 (410 years)

Lavinia Fontana dies

Italian painter regarded as the first woman artist

6th september 1939 (85 years)

Arthur Rackham dies

English illustrator best known for his illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, The Christmas Carol and many others

18th september 1839 (185 years)

Anton Mauve is born

Painter, graphic artist and cousin of Vincent van Gogh

26th september 1914 (110 years)

August Macke dies

German expressionist painter

4th october 1814 (210 years)

Jean-Francois Millet is born

French painter and one of the founders of the Barbizon school in rural France

4th october 1669 (355 years)

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn dies

Prolific painter, draftsman, and etcher, usually regarded as the greatest artist of Holland’s “Golden Age”

9th october 1874 (150 years)

Nicholas Roerich is born

Russian painter influenced by spirituality, a recurring theme in his philosophy and writings

10th october 1684 (340 years)

Jean Antoine Watteau is born

French painter who profoundly influenced other artists thanks to his use of color

26th october 1764 (260 years)

William Hogarth dies

English painter, printmaker, pictorial satirist, social critic, and editorial cartoonist

9th november 1949 (75 Years)

James Ensor died
Belgian painter

24th november 1864 (160 years)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec is born

French artist

1st december 1899 (125 years)

Eileen Agar is born

British painter and photographer associated with the Surrealist movement

2nd december 1859 (165 years)

Georges Pierre Seurat is born

French post-Impressionist painter and draftsman

3rd december 1919 (105 years)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir dies

French painter known throughout the world as a leader of Impressionism

3rd november 1954 (70 years)

Henri Matisse dies

French artist and leader of the Fauvist movement

4th decemebr 1914 (110 years)

Rudolf Hausner is born

Austrian painter, draftsman and sculptor described as the first psychoanalytic painter.

8th december 1864 (160 years)

Camille Claudel is born

French sculptor

17th december 1904 (120 years)

Paul Cadmus is born

American painter and photographer

13rd december 1944 (80 years)

Wassily Kandinsky dies

Russian-born French artist known for his purely abstract work

18th December 1879 (145 years)

Paul Klee is born

Swiss-German painter influenced by Expressionism, Cubism and Surrealism

18th december 1869 (155 years)

Edward Redfield is born

American Impressionist landscape painter

23rd December 1989 (35 years)

Nancy Graves is born

conceptual sculpture artist

26th December 1909 (115 years)

Frederic Remington dies

American painter, illustrator, sculptor and writer.

31st December 1514 (510 years)

Andreas Vesalio is born

the Flemish physician who wrote and illustrated the first comprehensive textbook of human anatomy,

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