For decades SCALA has been identified with ART, and in fact the archive’s origins lay in the innovative and extensive photo campaigns carried out primarily within the main art museums of Europe. Since then museums are in the thousands and are worldwide.

Not just images of the artworks; you may browse, learn and license a lot more than that! You may see the evolution of the collections and the buildings housing them, chronicling the trends, fashions and events throughout the years. View items related to any of the following:

– The Museum Buildings Now & Then – Architectural Drawings & 3D models – Documents on Acquisitions, Loans, Exhibits & Special Events – Out of Print Catalogues and Newspaper Articles – Photos of Installations & Openings – Portraits of Collectors, Museum Directors & Architects – Audio & Footage on Art Works, Art Movements, Exhibitions & Restoration Work – and even Peek behind the Scenes at work carried out to create the collections and spaces we love to visit.

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Not all content is available online; therefore if you do not find what you were looking for please feel free to contact us and we will search for you!