For a long time photography suffered a bias by which it was not considered as highly as the more traditional artistic mediums of painting, drawing or sculpture. Times changed and now the skill and value of photographs from master photographers is unquestioned. The time photographers spend nurturing their talent and refining their technique to set up a scene or capturing one at just the right angle, right light, with a specific lens or filter, is widely recognized and valued.

When portraits, self-portraits, still lives, street scenes or landscapes are shot by a talented photographer the message, composition, technique is such that it most often is an arresting work which inevitably and for some reason grabs the viewers attention.

Below you can enjoy just a few examples from renowned collections such as the Center for Creative Photography Arizona, The MoMA New York, or The Ansel Adams Trust. Selecting just a few to display is extremely difficult, search the database to see many more fantastic shots!

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