Vintage Photos

The photographic technique developed by Louis Daguerre in 1839, the daguerreotype as it became known, is generally accepted as the birth date of photography. It was the first technique that allowed for relatively short exposure times with clear and fine results. In the galery below check out the first video on conserving one of the oldest daguerreotype owned by the Metropolitan Museum of New York.

After Daguerre countless dedicated and talented photographers studied materials and techniques to capture and record their surroundings and occurring events. It is absolutely fascinating to see what photographers from different times, with different equipment, in different locations and different times could shoot similar subjects with absolutely different results. Results which were affected not only by the photographer’s culture and interests but also to a large extent by the advancements in photography. In that respect a photograph usually truthfully reflects the times it was shot and developed in.

Below are only some examples of the vast number of vintage photography available from many different times, different cultures and different purposes.

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The images and video above are only a few examples of what is available. You can search the database by clicking the red search button on the right hand side, but please remember not all that is available to license is visible online. If you do not find what you were looking for please contact us we will search for you.