In the Victorian area fashion accessories such as fans, gloves and parasols were not only a complimentary item to the dress worn but also a means of asserting femininity, covering up any sign of labor, and implying a leisurely lifestyle equated with a higher social status. In more recent times the market has seen alongside the traditional luxury goods made of high quality materials and designed by famous designers or artists, also an explosion of mass produced and cheap accessories of all kinds.

Scala has innumerable images of luxury accessories from all ages and styles as well as cultural backgrounds. We also have some of the mass produced iconic accessories. Accessories can be broadly divided in two categories: those which are held, such as fans, parasols, gloves, purses, canes, and those that are worn, such as hats, shoes, jewelry, watches, belts, suspenders, ties, scarfs, or socks.

The images and video above are only a few examples of what is available. If you search our database and do not find what you were looking for, or if you are only starting on your project and are not sure what to search for, feel free to contact us and have us be of assistance.