SCALA can provide you with a spectacular variety of artifacts, documents and maps used as history unfolded from antiquity to today. Tablets with Roman emperors’s speeches, maps of trenches, battle fields, or sieges from all ages and all lands. Charts of air raids or air supplies. Drawings, watercolors, prints, photographs and film stills depicting generals and soldiers of all times, countries and religions studying maps, gathering information and making history.

From documents of great historical significance with examples such as the orders given to Christophorus Columbus by the Spanish king, Henry the VIII’s divorce petition, the United States Declaration of Independence, Einstein’s immigration papers, to lesser known or thought of documentations such as charts to document influenza symptoms within army camps.

The choice is almost endless! Contact us and let us help find that perfect image, audio, or footage to bring history alive!

To see the images in larger size entirety, as well as read their caption click on any image below.

The images and videos above are only a few examples of what is available. If you did not find what you were looking for feel free to contact us and have us carry our some searches for you.