When the art is superb, the files are high quality, the legal aspects are covered, the only thing left to do is to chose the image with which to enrich your home, office or commercial space.

SCALA images can be available in a variety of formats and materials, from tiny to huge, from wallpaper to tiles, making it easy to create everything from ceilings to swimming pools. Below are just a few examples.

Oversize Prints

The famous images of the Ideal City or Botticelli’s Venus, an image indelibly associated with beauty and elegance, were chosen to create a stunning and fitting background for a luxury shop’s interior as well as window dressing.

Frescoes, wall tattoos and Textiles

Tatoo art is the digital equivalent of fresco. The ancient technique of fresco can now all done digitally. Gone are the days when a master sketched the compositions on the underlayer of the future fresco or carried out preparatory drawings or “cartoni” with tiny holes along the outlines along which a bag of soot would be gently pounded and the outlines of the drawings and compositions transferred. While we remain fascinated by the old technique the result of wall tatoos are none the less very decorative and very effective!

High end wallpapers

A prestigious series of high end wallpapers offers a vast and exquisite set of artworks selected from our collection. From black an white renaissance architectural etchings, to colorful modern paintings; from western art to eastern art. Transform any space!