WHY REGISTER TO ACCESS THE WEB SITE? Registering in Scala website  provides greater functionality for browsing and using it. By registering you will be able to: access the images and collections available for licensing in your billing country; use the lightbox as a useful tool – collecting your research, sending selections to business colleagues, requesting quotes, ordering selected images, and printing a pdf with your selection; requesting the access to download high-resolution images locally (for regular customers and/or those managing projects with large quantities of images); opting to receive our newsletter – to keep up to date with news from our archive and important anniversaries; and easily downloading images in by basket.

HOW CAN I ORDER AN IMAGE? Register and select one or more images to order. If at the same time you want to request a quote, use the “Price Request ” icon. If you prefer, please share a lightbox with our team via the “Email” function or send our team an email with the asset codes to be ordered and all the details related to your project. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

HOW CAN I DOWNLOAD AN IMAGE IN HIGH RES? If you are a new user please register into our website, contact our Sales team and define the type of license you intend to purchase. If requested, please make payment in advance of the license. After that, our team could send you a link for downloading the high resolution images, and credits, rights and possible additional requirements. Or enable your account to download the high resolutions (Premium access). If you are a regular customer, the download of the high res is available upon request through a link sent by our Sales.

If you are a customer with Premium Access, you are enabled to download high res images in A4 300 dpi Jpeg, and you can download one or more high resolution images one by one or via a lightbox. Please, use the basket icona: you will need to enter the Project name and click on “Confirm and Download”. You will receive two emails: one with the link to download the images, one with the details of the download with captions and full credits. If you prefer, after entering the Project name and confirming the order, you will be allowed to download high res images locally via the download button.

HOW CAN I SEARCH FOR AN IMAGE? Searching is free, you don’t need to register and/or login. You can perform a simple search by entering one or more terms, in Italian or English, in the search bar. The search can be refined with the “Search within results” filter and/or by using the filters placed on the left. The default simple search is performed throughout the database and on all types of images (Art, Photography, Cinema). By selecting the “Content,” you can filter by the type of image you intend to display among the results. For targeted searches, you can use the fields in the “Specific Fields” section. The “Out of copyright” filter allows you to search for images of works of art that are not subject to restrictions and payment of artists copyright. See below – WHAT IS ARTISTS COPYRIGHT?

IN WHAT SIZE CAN I DOWNLOAD IMAGES? Images are available to everyone in thumbnail and preview (low res) size. To find out what size the high resolution image is available in, please see the “Size” tab of each image preview. High resolutions, downloadable directy by Premium Access customers, are generally provided at 300 dpi, in JPG. If you need a larger image or a special detail, we can quickly provide the image in the required format with the help of our photo lab. Please contact us.

WHAT DOES THE ICON WITH THE EXCLAMATION MARK MEAN? If displayed, the icons with the exclamation mark indicate: in red – the copyright relating to the artist who created the work shown in the image or to the photographer who shot the photographic work (if the photograph is an author); in blue – any additional rights for which it is recommended to read the “Info and Rights” tab of the image preview. For more information, please contact us.

WHY IS THERE COLOR SCALE DISPLAYED IN SOME IMAGES? Scala guarantees the chromatic veracity of photographic shots – its own and those of museums represented – thanks to the reference of the color scale label. This is the reason why the company chose its own name in 1953 – SCALA Istituto Fotografico Editoriale S.a.S., now Scala Group s.p.a..

CAN AN IMAGE BE MANIPULATED? Any image manipulation must be approved in advance by Scala, who will check for any problems with cuts, outlines, coloring, and other graphic reviews. Our team will be able to advise you after evaluating your project. Please, Contact us if you need some details or crop. We will be glad to help you.

WHAT IS THE COST OF AN IMAGE? To quote a licensed image, we use reference price lists by industry, but we can evaluate a deal appropriate to your needs. You can request a quote through the website by clicking on the “Price Request” icon: please complete the form with the use and other information requested to describe the project. If you prefer, please can contact us by email with a full description of your project and the image codes for which you would like to receive a quote.

WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR AN IMAGE? Scala manages only RM – Rights Managed contents. Thanks to a professional team, all images are properly cataloged and verified, and files scanned in the highest quality. Scala will supply you a non-exclusive detailed license of use for your project. Scala releases you from any and all liability for any claims that may be made by the photographer. You can check any third party rights or additional requirements in the tab “Info&Rights” of each image preview. Please, for more information see our General Terms and Conditions.

DO YOU OFFER SPECIAL FEE FOR STUDENTS? Yes, we will grant special discounted fees for students and academic publications, with limited print run and distribution.

WHAT IS ARTISTS COPYRIGHT? Copyright is the law system that protects intellectual property. Artists Copyright protects all works of art created by artists alive and/or dead for less than 70 years (70 years is the term for Italian law, in different countries legislation guarantees a different period) and their reproduction. For this reason the use of images in which works of art by contemporary artists are reproduced is subject to the payment of third party rights, and as such reported on the Scala website (please see “Info&Rights” tab). For these images, please clarify the necessary permission for reproduction with the rights holders. Many contemporary artists are represented by copyright societies (SIAE, ADGP, DACS, VG Bild-Kunst etc). Contact us to learn more. Scala may license on behalf of the rightful owners the copyright of these masters of Photography: Lola Alvarez Bravo, Dean Brown, Louise Dahl-Wolfe, Adolf Fassbender, John Gutmann, Otto Hagel, Hansel Mieth, Wright Morris, Dorothy Norman, Marion Palfi, Mickey Pallas, Al Richter, Laura Volkerding, Edward Weston, Max Yavno, and artist Chiara Dynys. Scala has moreover been entrusted by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux-Grand Palais to manage directly the copyright of several renowned photographers whose estates were bestowed to the French state, and who must be credited (c) RMN-Grand Palais – Gestion droit d’auteur.

CAN I USE AN IMAGE MORE TIMES? Each image will be supplied with a non-exclusive license related to the single use/project. Use of the same image within the same project must be agreed during the negotiation and defined in the license. Any re-uses must be communicated to Scala. After the agreed usage, the high-resolution file must be destroyed. For more information please see our General Terms and Conditions.

DO IMAGES HAVE TERRITORIAL RESTRICTIONS? Any restrictions are always indicated in the image preview, in red. Some images and collections have territorial restrictions referring to the buyer’s country, meaning that they can only be purchased by companies based within a country or group of countries indicated in the image’s preview. By the way you can always buy an image with worldwide rights. For example, a Spanish company might purchase licenses to reproduce images from a museum that Scala represents only in Spain, but obtain to reproduce them in a book translated into 10 languages and distributed worldwide. When you perform a search after logging in, the results displayed are already filtered according to the collections available in the country indicated during registration. You can change the billing country among the filters on the left and see collections available in other countries/territories as well.

IS THE WEBSITE EASY TO USE WITH ANY BROWSER? Scala’s website pages display optimally with the most common browsers used for web searching such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer. If outdated versions are used, we cannot guarantee optimal graphical display. The website is also mobile responsive.

DO YOU ONLY SUPPLY ONLY REPRODUCTIONS OF ARTWORK? No. Scala has historically specialized in reproductions of works of art and today is a leader for international museum content management, however, today its collection is about 3.5 million images, and includes photos/reportage related to Contemporary History, Cinema (portraits of celebrities, film frames, backstage shoots etc), Fashion, Architecture as well as shots of great Masters of photography. For more insights visit our Blog or stay updated on the collections by subscribing to our newsletter.

DO YOU LICENSE ONLY IMAGES, OR ALSO AUDIO AND VIDEO CLIPS? Scala also manages and can license audio and video contents from some prestigious museums such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, the French Centre des Monuments Nationaux, and MoMA (archival audio and historical film clips), as well as the video collection of the Istituto Cinecittà Luce. For more information, please contact us.

IS ALL CONTENT AVAILABLE ONLINE? No. Scala’s database is updated daily as new contents and collections are added. Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us. We will be glad to search our off-line sources and our partners’ collections for you. 

WHICH MUSEUMS DO YOU OFFICIALLY AND/OR EXCLUSIVELY REPRESENT? Explore the collections of museums and cultural institutions represented by Scala by clicking here. Scala can directly access all content from these museums without further permission: Cinecittà Luce, Rome – Fondazione Museo delle Antichità Egizie, Turin – Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan – Fondazione Magnani Rocca, Traversetolo di Parma – Basilica di San Marco, Venice – Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York – MoMA, New York – Whitney Museum of American Art, New York – Institute of Chicago – Chicago (IL) – Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston – WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston – Pierpont Morgan Library, New York – Frank Stella Archive, New York – Jewish Museum, New York – Smithsonian American Art Museum, Newark Museum – Washington D. C. – Collection Center for Creative Photography, The University of Arizona Foundation – Tucson (Arizona) – Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico – National Anthropology Museum, Mexico City – Kyoto International Culture Foundation, Japan – ADAGP Images, Paris – Réunion des Musés Nationaux Grand Palais, París – Fundaciòn Museo Thyssen Bornemisza, Madrid – Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid – Album Archivo Fotografico SL, Barcelona – LIECHTENSTEIN, The Princely Collections, Vaduz-Wien – Pergamonmuseum, Berlin – Ägyptisches Museum, Berlin – Gemäldegalerie, Berlin – Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin – Skulpturensammlung und Museum für Byzantinische Kunst, Berlin – Hamburger Kunsthalle – Museum der Bildenden Kunst, Lipsia – Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden – Alte und Neue Pinakothek München – National Gallery, London – British Museum, London – British Library, London – Tate Gallery, London – Victoria & Albert Museum, London – National Portrait Gallery, London – Christie’s Images, London – Ashmolean Museum, Oxford – Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge – National Trust Photo Library, UK – Museum of Fine Arts & Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest – Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisboa.

WHAT SERVICES DO YOU OFFER FOR CLIENTS? Scala’s licensed images are of the highest quality, with captions written by a professional team. Approximately 3.5 million images accessible through a single website, plus all content (including audio and video) available off-line. Our team is multilingual and will expertly assist you in all steps, from iconographic research to licensing of use. Scala additionally provides an on-demand iconographic research service, and a dedicated service for photo assignments and digitization of analog collections. Please, contact us and we will work out with you the best solution for your project.

WHAT SERVICES DO YOU OFFER FOR MUSEUMS? Scala has been the international leader in image and reproduction rights management for museums and cultural institutions for nearly 70 years. Scala guarantees its partners attractive revenues thanks to its access to a globally prestigious client portfolio in various sectors (from publishing to fashion, from advertising to exhibition and event). Scala guarantees museums professional image and audio-video content management, file protection through visible and invisible watermarks, timely payment of royalties, and active promotion of licensed content.

Technical-legal advantages: rapid and semi-automatic insertion of third-party image databases into Scala’s multilingual database; legal and computerized protection (IPTC metadata), and visible and invisible watermarking of images against piracy; computerized and strong copyright protection for copyrighted works and museum copyrights for special uses (advertising, merchandising); scanning of images in very high quality and resolution; photographic quality verification and consulting; new professional digital photographic shots on demand.

Financial and organizational advantages: congruous revenues and strong increase in income from the reproduction rights of its images at zero cost; increase in sales potential thanks to the historical-artistic indexing of images for the more than 20,000 web users at zero cost; timely payment of collected royalties; no debt collection costs; discounts on Scala photo use in museum publications; online promotion in the Scala website and communication of events organized by the museum at zero cost; availability of ad hoc statistics (sales ranking by client, by market, by images, etc. ) at zero cost; enfranchisement of museum resources burdened by administrative management of image usage rights in favor of more institutional activities.

WHO ARE YOUR MAIN CUSTOMERS? INDIVIDUALS OR COMPANIES? Scala provides high-resolution images and related licensing for use in creative projects of all kinds. We work with companies in every sector, from publishing to advertising, fashion to products, film/TV to exhibition and edutainment production. Please, see here a selection of projects handled by our clients with the use of Scala images.

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